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Welcome to FMI International Institute!
May we invite you to embark on a journey of discovery?  We all want to change the world but do you know that in order to do that we must first discover the way to change ourselves. 

Thank you for visiting us here at the institute.

Can you imagine finding the reason and purpose for which you are here upon this earth? Could it be that you have an appointment with history, a destiny to fulfill. This International Institute is your home for exploration and the unearthing of the hidden you.

We have three different formats currently to provide training to students. First, is our resident on-site FMI International Institute located on the Tagaytay Ridge overlooking the Taal Lake and Volcano (in the heart of the Asia-Pacific Region).  Second, is our personal services division in the San Francisco Bay Area which handles testing, exams and career guidance.  And third, is our 'online' distance education schools that offer several different fields of study.

We look forward to talking more with you about your needs.

Sincerely Yours,

David M. Grubbs

Number #1 Program:  FMI International Institute School of Ministry is pleased to cooperate in expanding the multi-lingual ISOM training in this region of the world. The International training program consists of setup, administrative oversight, onsite class-leader training, international teachers on multimedia with native language plus English, and live visiting teachers.

Currently, the program consists of 5 Trimesters (or semesters) of training. Each Trimester is 12 weeks long and requires 3-6 hours of class time per week (not including lab work).  After the completion of 3 Trimesters (or 1 year) students would be eligible for a 1 year Certificate. After two years (or 5 Trimesters) of classes students are eligible for a 2 year Associate Diploma.
Latest News
International School of Ministry  
Find out how you can use the gifts and talents you have to network with others to facilitate needed solutions in our lives, our societies and cultures. 
World Christian Mission School  
Do you have a calling to cross over cultures, to relate and communicate with those from other nations. Can you work together with nationals and indigents to build up their lives?
School of Micro-Finance - More  
Get equipped to fight poverty, start micro-finance programs, be an entrepreneur and build up a fund raising base of support.
Focusing on starting Right
The right foundation is the most important part in any endeavor we engage in.   We understand the world consists of both the 'material' and the 'spiritual'.  Physics teaches us that material actually comes from the 'unseen' spiritual world.
In our lives we need both academic discipline and spiritual discipline to be participants in the process of creation.  This world is desperate for solutions that supersede the natural realm, solutions that can reach within the deepest recesses of our hearts and bring change to the place from which everything else begins.  Find out how to have the discipline to change your life and to change the world in our new School of Discipleship.
Multi-Lingual programs of study for the nations
To begin the process of your discovery we have a six part program for you to start.  Each school is listed in the order in which it should be taken.  Your goal, wherever you end up is to help others find and plunge into the purpose for their life.
1.  School of Discipleship 5.  School of Church Growth
2.  School of Evangelism 6.  School of Finance
3.  School of Mission 7.  School of Int'l Development
4.  School of Leadership 8.  School of Business
1st for:  International School of Ministry - Click Here

For all other Schools - Click Here


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